The National Marine Biological Analytical Quality Control Scheme
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2020 NMBAQC taxonomic literature list update

An update to the 2018 Bibliography of taxonomic literature for marine and brackish water Fauna and Flora of the North East Atlantic has been posted on the NMBAQC scheme website here
The bibliography includes around 400 additional references; new literature is highlighted with a “###” prefix. The review has also been restructured. The section on non-native marine species (NNS) has been re-organised to include subsections for individual species or taxonomic groups, for regional reviews, and for concepts related to NNS and invasion ecology.  Several taxonomic groups have been subdivided and some additional major groups added, following WoRMS updates. There are new sections on Placozoa, Mesozoa, Nematomorpha, and Acanthocephala, along with the crustacean groups Remipedia, Cephalocarida and Mystacocarida. The section on vertebrates has been expanded to include reptiles (marine turtles), seabirds, and marine mammals. A separate section on unpublished “grey” identification literature has also been added.
We hope that you find the update useful, please provide feedback/comments if you wish (nmbaqc@apemltd.co.uk ). With over 3,500 literature records to review this is certainly a good housekeeping task to occupy any CV19 slowdown.